Uintah Basin Air Quality

The Uintah Basin of eastern Utah generally has good air quality, but some winters bring strong thermal inversions to the region that trap pollutants near the ground and encourage the formation of high ozone concentrations. The Basin, as with many high-altitude regions of the West, also experiences the occasional high ozone episode during summer. Our team of scientists at the Bingham Research Center is working to provide solutions that will reduce ozone pollution in the Basin.

Atmospheric Mercury Measurements

Mercury in the environment is able to concentrate in the food chain, and is a known human health risk.  Scientists at the Bingham Research Center are developing improved instrumentation that will more accurately detect mercury compounds in the atmosphere.

Uintah Basin Ecology

Our team is expert in the ecology of the Uintah Basin. We perform research on soil reclamation, selenium in the ecosystem, and threatened species.


Energy Policy Studies Initiative

Fossil fuel extraction underpins the economy of the Uintah Basin and the State of Utah, and is an important component of national energy independence. USU has instituted the Energy Policy Studies Initiative to study the impact of policy on the energy industry. Our recent publication, The Regulatory Road Map for Oil and Gas Exploration, Development, and Production in Utah, informs stakeholders who develop the state's vast energy resources.

Who We Are

Our team is expert in air, water, and soil quality. We measure, monitor, and model, and our work not only appears in scientific journals but also provides information vital to local, state, and national policy.

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Where We Work

The air quality and ecology groups are housed in the Bingham Energy and Entrepreneurship Research Center, located on the Utah State University (USU) Uintah Basin campus in Vernal, Utah.   The Energy Policy Studies Initiative works out of the Salt Lake City, Utah offices of USU.  We report to USU’s Regional Development Office on the main campus of USU in Logan, Utah.

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